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miss  Rainbow coming sUMMER 2022!

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Jos Vincent has always lived her life by her own rules, which is the very essence of her musicality. From a young age, she was trained in theatrical singing, choral singing, and brass ensemble. In addition to vocals, Jos plays trumpet and ukulele, which embellishes her velvety, versatile voice and the multiple genres she is able to cover. She channels the edge of rockers like Gwen Stefani and the introspective lyrical abilities of artists such as Fiona Apple and Lana Del Rey. Vincent also has a softer side that showcases her admiration for R&B and jazz styles. Jos’s refusal to conform to a single genre is perhaps what is most impressive about her as a rising artist. She is a rebellious musical chameleon, always confident and always full of surprises on stage. 


Jos has gained performance experience over the years by performing with Berklee music students in Boston’s bars and clubs, studying theater at Catholic University in Washington D.C., and Pop vocal performance at Loyola University New Orleans which also provided her a steady supply of gigs. It was during these three years that Jos blossomed as a singer-songwriter and nurtured her identity. She is remembered there as the charismatic tattooed powerhouse who proudly wore her over-extended black eyeliner and bold colors in every performance. 


Jos’ shows usually consist of her electric original songs such as “Retrograde”, “Buzzin,'" "Changing,” "One For Mike," and most recently,"Daffodils and Daisies." When she covers a song by another artist, not only does she give it new energy, but a reimagined melodic form. Audiences love her jazzy take on Lady Gaga’s hit single “Paparazzi”, as it never fails to make listeners dance along. Performances such as these sometimes make audiences wonder why Vincent’s version wasn’t the intended first release! As Jos Vincent continues to deliver on high-powered original music, she pursues new avenues by paying homage to her greatest pop influences, hoping to follow in their footsteps. 

~Samantha Ammons